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A Eulogy To Love

January 2nd, 2007 (01:56 pm)

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A moment of credence is needed for my soul, a moment to adjust and decorate my last few drops of sanity in some order and understanding; because I am cancerous and tired. My bones are weak and my flesh crawls like spiders at the birth of a storm, to my cubby and in my cubby I wait for the time to pass as I twiddle away at my web, wating ever so patiently to capture another breath of life.

The days were dimal and short in my complacency of life. I kept my toolshed bare, other then an occasional catch, in which I would skin and devour my prey whole in apathy and lust. But I was a child before I knew love. I was a fool, and forevermore a fool in my niave insolence toward humanity. It wasn't until a warm August afternoon that I found hope, a prospect of my idolatry. And at first it was a slow progression, and for hours, I spent my life talking to her and indulging myself in her profound beauty and intelligence. We had hope. But It was my selfishness that brought forth the next move, and move indeed it was. For she lie in my arms, and through four months we lie struggling in love. We saw the sunrises of purity that fell forth from heaven upon our faces and through our kisses we could share the universe. We moved through old trees and ancient houses, through spirals of disbelief, for our love was god and the heavy hand of god pushed back the world and the world away from us is where we slept. We woke every morning in the arms of comfort and hope. In love, we strode across the existence of time and our four months were five years in our hearts for in our hearts we held no time....

(more to come)


Posted by: iamjohng (iamjohng)
Posted at: December 13th, 2007 08:11 pm (UTC)

that was pretty bryce

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